Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cardmaking & Scrapbooking Club News

Three days ago I launched a new Club page on Facebook called the Cardmaking & Scrapbooking Club. It is proving to be a huge success already with 100 members so far. The club is for everyone to join in and share Tips, Techniques and Tutorials on all aspects of card making and scrapbooking. It is not a site to specifically sell products but you are very welcome to add a link to your website. The reason for this is as the club grows if everyone posted all their items for sale we would be swamped and nobody would be able to find answers to their questions or to browse through the tips and techniques and there are already lots of sites on Facebook already doing that.
I will try and teach you all I know about card making and scrapbooking and will post examples of cards and pages made using the different techniques. You will also be welcome to ask questions, someone, somewhere is sure to know the answer, or post photos of cards that you have made. Today for example I have given a short tutorial on how to Quill an Easter Chick and I am looking forward to seeing what club members have made using this technique.
If you would like to add tips, or learn different ways to make items, please come and join us, just click onto the link below, you will be very welcome.

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