Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Card Making and Rubber Stamping Supplies

 Hello Everyone,
Please forgive me for not having found time to pop in and keep you all up to date. The past few months have been crammed full of  life changing events, but more of that another time.
First of all we sold our house and now we are in the process of packing up ready to move to our new home in beautiful Devon. It was at this point I decided to sell off some surplus rubber stamps and craft items. Ebay was my first thought, bit I soon realised it was only Ebay that was banking any money, then I hit on the idea of setting up a group on  Facebook where not just I but others too could sell off their pre-loved and surplus craft items for FREE, so here it is. I have already listed lots of rubber stamps and I will be listing lots more as well as my pre-loved and unused craft items. I am a terrible hoarder and confess to being a compulsive 'must have' addict when it comes to craft materials and craft gadgets, so if you want a bargain or three or five... come and see what I and my crafty friends are getting rid of. Happy crafting everyone :-)

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