Friday, 25 March 2011

Katy Leads The Way In Neighbourhood Watch

Sorry that we were not able to be with you yesterday, but 'Katy' has kept a look out and is always very busy, (when she is not asleep) helping our local bobbies (in the background) and keeping her eyes open for villians and the big  'Black Bully Boy' cat from up the road. She likes the car to be parked just so, then she can see over the wall and observe passers by without getting too close. Not exactly keeping a low profile, but then, neither are the bobbies on the beat, which is good! It is also just a small leap from the car onto the porch roof and that puts her at an even better advantage for keeping out of harms way where big 'Black Bully Boy' is conserned and when all else fails she shoots up the oak trees and stays there until he gives up and goes home!
Meanwhile I am keeping very busy with some new designs for craft sheets and I will keep you posted with the details as soon as they are published. Got to go, cup of tea needs to be reheated in the microwave...again!

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