Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Where does the time go as you get older?

Where does the time go as you get older, why does it go so fast? I get up each day with all good intentions and a very long list of things to do, but I always run out of time. When I was a child the days went on forever, waiting for Birthdays and Christmas seemed like eternity. Now blink and we are celebrating another one!
Yesterday for example I promised myself that I would finish the designs that I had started, make a start on the new ones, sort out the back bedroom, finish the ironing and make a couple of birthday cards. Somehow while designing I forgot about all the other jobs that needed doing and before I knew it, bedtime had arrived and I was shattered, so decided to have an early night and fresh start in the moring after a good nights sleep.
Sleep...what sleep? I lay awake most of the night tossing and turning as Arthur was a complete and utter pain. Sorry...Arthur is my constant companion these days...and nights. His real name is osteoarthritis. I have tried divorcing him, coaxed and cajoled him with pills, potions and ointments but he is a persistant blighter and keeps moving more and more of himself into my life. As a result my poor hubby Keith ends up doing most of the things I no longer can. Bless him he is a treasure, he cooks and cleans and does all the things I can not.
So we got up early and Keith made a lovely cup of tea, well it is a bucket of tea really...big mugs and refills too...breakfast, pop a few pills and then plan the day. On second thoughts, not going to bother with the list today, I will just see what the day brings....yes I know...night and it will be here before i know it so I had better make a start on some more designs.
P.S. Just thought I would show you a beautiful card that Joan Murffit made yesterday using one of my design sheets. The dog is called Oscar and he belongs to Joan's daughter. To see the sheet Joan used, click here


  1. I love this card, the image is so lifelike, its just stunning xxx

  2. Beautiful card ! I agree with the other comment very life-like ! I have fibromyalgia and ME/CFS so i understand where you are coming from regarding sleep , plans and other half helping out ! Love your bit on getting older .. hugs Melita xx