Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Katy...The Cat Burglar!

Yesterday I introduced you to Katy our cat. Today I thought you might like to know how she came into our lives. It was a Tuesday a year last August on a very hot night. All the upstairs windows were open in the hope of a cooling breeze and we were by 4am fast asleep. At first I thought I was dreaming as our previous cat called Poppy used to wake me by patting my face and nudging me, but then as wakefulness crept up on me I remembered that we no longer had our lovely Poppy as she had gone to join all the other cats who bask where the sun always shines and no cats go hungry.
I opened my eyes and there with her face about an inch from mine, purring and nudging me was this sweet little tortoishell and white kitty cat. She was lying on my chest lengthwise and staring at me. Still not entirely sure if I was dreaming, I said 'Hello, where did you come from?' My husband, turned over, opened his eyes and he put out his hand and stroked her. She made no attempt to get off me or run away, just lay there purring. We knew that the only way she could have got in was through the bathroom window, but that in itself was one heck of a leap. First she would have had to jump on the conservatory window, then jump roughly eight feet onto a very narrow window ledge to hop through the window.
We could see that she was well fed, but her coat was quite harsh, more like cats that live outside, she was only a youngster, around ten months or so at a guess and very small boned. We decided to open the back door and see where she went....nowhere, she was not for going anywher. She asked for food but we said 'No, off you go, back home'. Over the next three days we would put her out and she would be gone half an hour at the most before she came back in. It was too hot to close all the doors and windows so she just kept coming back. On the Friday we decided to take her to our nearest vets to see if she was chipped and sure enough she was and her name was 'Wittle Kitty'.
It turned out she lived just a few doors away up the road so the veterinary nurse arranged for her owner to come and collect her from us, which she did about 6pm with the promise that she would keep her in for a few days.
At around 11pm that night as I was just dropping off to sleep something furry landed on my chest, I opened my eyes and there she was staring, patting and purring.

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