Friday, 1 April 2011

Warning -Cats & Roller Blinds - Oh What A night!

It is not only children that you need to watch with roller blinds. At 2 pm this morning I was woken by Katy the Cat, screaming,swearing and shouting. My first thought was that it was the 'Big Black Bully Boy' from up the road and they were having a fight at the landing window. Katy safely on the inside and him on the other side of the glass. Then there was an almighty thud as a box of card went flying and really anguished screams. I shot out of bed as fast as an ageing geriatric riddled with arthritis can and as soon as I reached the landing I could see Katy hanging upside down in mid air with the roller blind's very strong beaded cord wedged firmly around her middle and tucked in under her hips, preventing her from sliding out. I scooped her up to take the weight off the cord and managed to untangle her. Poor Katy she was shaking with fright and stayed in my arms for a cuddle before I gentle put her down to see how she walked. Fortunately she was ok and this morning she seems fine...but oh how easily this could have ended in tragedy if that blessed cord had been around her neck. So first job today is to find those plastic picture hooks with the little silver pins in that you bang into the wall, or in my case get my hubby to bang them in, so that the cords can be hooked up high, well out of harms way!  So please if you have roller or venetion blinds, make sure that the cords are well up out of harms way.

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  1. omg im gonna check all mine now. and make sure they are all out of the way. thanx for this warning huni ill post this link on my wall aswell. hugz li. x