Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Katy The Cat - Woodgreen Animal Shelters & Playbags

Back in the 80's when I was involved with Cat rescue work we often had cats and kittens that had been treated at the vets for swallowing bits of so called safe cat toys. Eyes with sharp pins that could puncture their stomachs, knitting wool that could strangulate their intestine. So with the help of vets, herbalist and a great deal of research to ensure that the various herbs were not only safe and non-toxic, but that they would appeal to the cats and kittens as well. Then there were three years of trials and Playbags was born. Real velvet is used as it is strong enough to prevent teeth and claws from ripping them to pieces and they are stuffed with a selection of carefully chosen herbs.  Not only do they stimulate play as they have Catnip in them, but if they are placed under the cat or kitten while it sleeps or while they are in transit to the vets or a cat show, the other herbs in them will soothe and relax them.
Woodgreen Animal Shelters have used them on cats in their care for many years now and they also sell them in their shop at Godmanchester, helping them to raise much needed funds.
So if you want a SAFE toy for your cat or kitten, try Playbags, your cat will love you for it! Any problems getting supplies, just message me for details.
Serious Warning....If you have more than one cat, you will need a Playbag for each of them, they can be very possessive with their Playbag as can be seen in the photograph of our Katy!

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